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The founders of Acast wants to stop “zombie-subscriptions”. Challenges Storytel with new millions

Dagens Industri | 29 april 2021

“Acast founders Karl Rosander and Måns Ulvestam new venture grows vigorously”

Acast founders have a new, secret startup: “It’s time to open up a part of the internet”

Breakit | 1 dec 2020

“BreakIt can now reveal that Karl Rosander, Måns Ulvestam and Markus Ahlstrand have a new and major investment going on”

”Tech entrepreneur: “Some investors have the Napoleon complex”

SvD Perfect Guide | Nov 2, 2020 | English Version

“As an entrepreneur it’s crucial to do due diligence on investors. People tend to interpret the world from the view of their own skill set. An Excel guy will give you Excel thoughts. A salesperson will narrowly focus on sales.”

The entrepreneurs of today have only experienced the good times – Corona is a wakeup call

BreakIt | April 4, 2020

“It’s hard to know how to act amidst the turmoil of the Corona crisis. On the other hand, it’s not the first crisis the world has laid its eyes upon. There are valuable lessons to be learned from our past.”

The founder of Acast Karl Rosander quits – to start new ventures

Dagens Industri | June 5, 2018

“I have worked on getting the company ready to go public. It is now ready and I am especially glad that we have a new board consisting of 50/50 men and women”

Podcasts were guys talking about tech, then along came Serial

The Guardian | June 31, 2017

“In 2013, podcasts were not an attractive prospect for advertisers. […] But the industry was on the cusp of change, and the Swedish entrepreneurs Karl Rosander and Måns Ulvestam saw its potential.”


Podcast popularity: Thanks to Serial?

CNBC | Aug 15, 2015

“The eco-system was broken. When we looked into it we saw it was an untapped mass media. In Sweden it happened two years ago and if ‘Serial’ would’ve been on Acast’s platform it would have made ten times as much”

On funding and VC

Break It Scaleup Week | Oct 19, 2020